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04 August 2015 @ 09:49 am

Come give us your slash prompts at hp_nextgen_fest!

Art by iwao, Banner by capitu
13 January 2013 @ 09:59 pm
Apologies if this is not allowed here - if so feel free to delete!

But basically, I'm looking for fic recs to fit the following scenario.

Harry is being abused by the Dursleys - any one and/or combination of them
Harry has kept this a secret for years, but it finally comes out.
Needs to be Harry/Draco or Harry Ron

Any and all suggestions would be much appreciated.
04 October 2012 @ 07:33 pm
Title: I don't belong here

Author: me

Plot: this just coming through randomly when I'm listening to Creep by Radiohead

Rate: PG – 13

Pairing: Drarry

Length: 1k+

Genre: Angst, Drama, Romance

Summary: is it too late? or is it because its me

Note: this is how I lose my drarry virginity

Warning: unbeta-ed

I was a fool wasnt I?
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13 September 2012 @ 04:33 pm
Is anybody interested in beta reading my Harry Potter slash story? Story details: Yes, this is a male slash story story. The setting will be year 8 (after the war). It has not yet been decided, but there might be some sexual scenes. So just a warning, just in case. Also, I plan for this story to have a happy ending. This story is about Harry's secret admirer even though he's already in a romantic relationship with Hermione. It will be somebody obvious, so I guess it's only a mystery for Harry.
This is what I'm looking for in a beta reader (just so people know exactly what it is I want. Same as last post):

- Somebody who is willing to stick with me until the end of my story.

- Somebody who will be patient with me as I write the story, as I will send them one chapter at a time, and write the new chapter after the chapter before is beta read, edited and such.

- Somebody who will be honest. I'm not looking for the fluffy "Oh I love it!" kind of feedback. I want the honest truth. Something like "Okay, this scene right here is no good, take it out," (giving a reason as to why would be very helpful, and appreciated). If at any point in the story, you're in doubt, don't be afraid to go "Are you going anywhere with this?"

- The idea of having a beta reader is to make the story better, so please take your time. I'm in no rush, and I want the story to be something people will enjoy.

- Checking to see if I'm using proper grammar is something I'm looking for in a beta reader.

- Checking to see if my characteristics of the characters are spot on.

- Also note that I will be willing to accept multiple beta readers.

Okay, so that's what I'm looking for in a beta reader. If interested, private message me, or e-mail me at Kix4funchick@aol.com (just put Harry/Mystery slash story beta reader in the subject line. I do not open e-mails without subjects). Let me know how you would want me to send you the story. Thanks!
23 December 2011 @ 05:50 pm
Hello Everyone! I'm new to Harry Potter slash, and I have just finished my first Harry Potter slash story. It takes place around Christmas time. I was in the Christmas spirit since Christmas Eve is tomorrow. It's a Short two-chapter Snarry Story. Happy Holidays everyone!

Read it here
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21 November 2011 @ 12:00 pm

Please drop by the community to prompt away and grab some banners for pimping! Thank you. :D
22 August 2011 @ 02:08 am
Title: Point of No Return: Chapter One - Unwanted Visitor

Pairing: (later) Antonin Dolohov/Viktor Krum

Rating: 15+

Warnings: none yet

Disclaimer: Not mine obviously, everything to Rowling. Summary & Title to Iron Maiden (Don't Look to the Eyes of a Stranger)

Summary: You see many things in a man's eyes. And now Viktor couldn't go back to his easy, happy, fearless life, it was his duty to find out what was hidden in Dolohov's eyes, even after all he had been through. Don't look to the eyes of a stranger. Well, Viktor just had.

Teaser: Antonin Dolohov was insane. Viktor Krum wanted an easy day. Oh, and Bulgarian sills in the rain are horrible.

Link to my Journal
26 July 2011 @ 02:16 pm
I hope this doesn't come accross as intrusive.

Hey there everyone! A few years ago I was a part of this and several other HP Slash communities on livejournal. I had some big personal mishaps in my life and went on a long LiveJournal hiatus, and before I went I officially left a lot of communities so that I would stop getting updates in my messages folder, in my emails, and on my friends page that I would feel compelled to catch up on when I would return. However, I saved a lot of my favorite fics to my favorites on my internet settings. I shouldn't have done that. I should have added them to my memories, because of course my computer crashed, geek squad didn't help much, and I had to get a new (but awesome) laptop.

Anyhow, I managed to retrieve all of those lost fics except one, which I forget the name of (sort of the reason I can't seem to be able to find it).

I read this years ago, so please bear with me. It is a Draco/Harry slash fic, it was during one of the school years (I think maybe the 6th or last one). It entails Draco performing some kind of spell on himself or drinking a potion to turn himself into a girl. I think it might have started out as a prank, but Draco eventually fell in love with Harry. You guys, this is like the only fluffy fic I actually wanted to keep in my memories.
Anyways, I think it also entails an infatuation with Draco wearing scarves (that was somehow really adorable).

Any help would be greatly appreciated. <3